We Have a Date!

IT’S REAL!  Tuesday 10th November.

The team agreed – I am a great candidate and I will benefit from this immensely.  I currently weigh 154.5kg (or 330 pounds/23 stone).  If I had to set a weight goal, it would be to live under 100 – but the nurse says 75kgs is more what I should expect.  OH MY GOD!

They are going to perform a gastric bypass on me, its keyhole surgery, I’ll be walking around a couple of hours afterwards and now I need to call my Mum!!

And tell my Dad.  Holy shit!

I start my two week pre-op diet on the 27th of October but the changes start now.

5 thoughts on “We Have a Date!

  1. KirstyKirst81 says:

    So exciting for you! I have to wait until 2 December.. I thought about calling to see if there were any cancellations to get in sooner, but I think I’ll just leave it at 2 December so I feel like I’m “prepared” I guess. 😀 When do you start your pre-op diet?


    • bypassblondie says:

      December will come so quickly! I start pre-op on 25th October and I feel really ready. There’s been a shift in my thinking and I’m noticing how I feel in certain situations and how it changes or affects my eating. Its all so interesting!

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      • KirstyKirst81 says:

        I’ve noticed I’ve already started taking smaller bites and chewing REALLY well. Also since I’ve been sick (bronchitis and who knows what else knocked me on my butt a month ago) I haven’t had much of an appetite returning. What are you doing differently now?


      • bypassblondie says:

        I’m sorry you’ve been sick – thats a bit sucky!
        Biggest change I have noticed is with meal preparation and portion sizes – we’ve decreased these and then when I sit down to eat, I try and take my time. My nurse discussed 20/20/20/20 with me during our consultation; 20 chews, 20 seconds in between, 20 minutes to eat a meal and now I can’t remember what the last 20 is for! And I just feel a bit more energised, like my date has lifted a weight off my mind

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  2. KirstyKirst81 says:

    It feels good to know when the BEGINNING is near! You start your pre-op diet soon (if you have one.) Maybe the 4th 20 is 20 grams of protein each meal? I tried to google it but didn’t have much luck. 🙂


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