Food, the Early Days 

Sorry Food, it’s not you, it’s me. I just don’t care about you anymore. I want to, but … yeah, nah.

Me and Food, our relationship has changed drastically. Pre surgery (even pre surgery diet), I used to think about food ALL THE TIME.
Now its him who asks if I am hungry (No) and what time I want to have dinner (oh, in a bit). Still, Mom and I have gone to a wee bit of effort to ensure that I have something nice and tasty for when I am ready to eat.
When I met my dietician Georgie in our pre-surgery meeting, she (and the notes in my post-op care pack) say that people experience a switching off when it comes to eating. I read that and thought “Shit, thats pretty cool” cos honestly, I said above that I thought about food all the time and believe me, I was not kidding!

Georgie has given me a plan that saw me started pureed foods once I was released from hospital. On the day I got home Mom made up a delicious Beef Casserole and then a few days later she made a Chicken and Vegetable soup. We pumped up the protein in the soup by adding Naked (No flavour) egg white protein powder from The Honest Food Co. Both of these meals are absolutely scrummy.

Meals right now are every 3-5 hours and are 4 teaspoons or 1/4 cup in size.
As a totally personal preference, I really don’t want to rely on packet/processed food. I’d much prefer to eat whole foods except the addition of extra protein of course however even then the Honest Food Co pack that I have chosen is paleo. Eventually I will get in to making my own baked beans and I’ve planted a vegetable garden that should keep giving us all the vegetables that we will need.
Grow, grow, grow you little buggers!


So with that in mind, I thought I would share with you my favourite selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’ll pop up a couple of the recipes that we have adapted.

Mega Protein Shake – Chocolate Protein Shake Mix, unsweetened natural yoghurt, trim milk, egg white protein powder (makes enough for days!)
Creamy Beans – Lite baked beans, lite cream cheese, paprika, coriander – blend until super creamy

Lemon and Chive Chicken – canned smoked chicken, lite cream cheese, lemon juice, chives – blend into a paste, lemon juice to taste
Chicken and Vegetable Soup – click here for a link to the recipe including the extra protein I added

Beef and Tomato Casserole – click here for a link to the recipe
Black Bean Burrito Cream – click here for a link to the recipe – I skipped the Nacho Cheese Sauce and added lite cream cheese at the pureeing stage for me (small wholemeal wraps for him)

Even if I have to force myself to eat, or set a reminder on my phone, it may as well be super tasty (and presented nice!). Tell you what though – I am SO looking forward to being able to chew my meals. I am moving on to soft foods on Friday, scrambled egg and tuna for breakfast – HELL YEA!

Check out my Pinterest board “Allergic to Sugar” for more recipes and ideas. Do you have any favourite meals that you’d like to share?

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”

5 thoughts on “Food, the Early Days 

  1. AtomicMelanie says:

    Gosh, did you ever imagine the day when you’d have to force yourself to eat? How are you doing with the “head hunger,” do you ever feel that?

    I’m completely with you on not wanting to rely on processed packaged food. We grow a veggie garden every year and there’s really nothing like whole foods. The protein shakes kind of scare me a little, I hope we don’t have to rely on them forever.

    So proud and excited for you – if looks like you’re doing so well! Keep it up! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • bypassblondie says:

      Never ever ever imagined it!! I don’t think I have head hunger but to tell you the truth its more like “I should eat, I don’t feel like it, I’ll wait a bit”. I still see yummy things that might taste nice but I know that they will make me sick.
      Thanks babe – hanging out for you to get the last of your paperwork all in and ready!! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is how I intend to eat after surgery as well. I see all the easy, processed meals on Instagram and I think, oh dear, please don’t let this be me. I’m glad you came across my page and excited to follow you everywhere!!


    • bypassblondie says:

      I’m pleased to have found a clean eating buddy!! We don’t get a lot of the packet food that I see (especially on Instagram) here in New Zealand so that makes it a wee bit easier but I also don’t get how you would take this tool and then start adding in processed crap and expect life to be different!!! Bloody dumb if you ask me!

      Liked by 1 person

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