I Won’t Get the Ass I Want By Sitting On It

Yesterday I walked into the gym for the first time in …. let’s not even go there.  And I’ve spent time in the gym before, I know a few moves, how the machines work – but fuck me, I was nervous as all hell!
I actually played dumb.  I let her guide me around and show me how to use the treadmill, leg press, chest press, seated row – even how to do a bloody crunch!  If you know me, you’ll know thats not normal me behaviour.  But how I went in doesn’t matter, its how I came out that does.

Next week I have my six week post-op appointments.  I’ll be seeing my surgeon, Dietician, Therapist and I also have a Physiotherapy appointment.  During the physio appointment they will work with me to come up with a training plan however I couldn’t wait til then.
I’ve been walking a bit, trying to get up to a consistent 7,000 steps a day and I’ve been swimming too.  It actually blows my mind how much extra zing I have (only after about 9 o’clock though – don’t even talk to me before then).


Getting the steps up isn’t hard because of my racing stripes (the surgery scars) or anything.  In fact 26 days later, they have retreated into little cat scratches.  My energy levels seem to still be wavering around a bit.  My nurse suggested a Berocca (dissolvable tablet with additional Vitamin B12) and that helps quite a lot.

I still have my lazy moments.  Today is one of them.  I’m putting it down to having worked my butt off at my job for the last 3-4 years and suddenly my body has gone ‘woah, we’ve got a break time, let’s use it’.
Its quite windy and Nix is home from daycare and I’ve just lazed around in my pjs reading and snuggling up to her. 7,000 steps today, hah! I laugh!
But I know exercise will be a part of who I am in the coming days, it has to be otherwise what was the fucking point?!  I just can’t properly explain what its like to try and heft around 150kgs and be happy about it even though you are gritting your teeth so people around you don’t think of you as the sweaty grumbly fat chick.

So you wanna know how I came out of the gym yesterday?

Shattered. Sweaty. Proud.



One thought on “I Won’t Get the Ass I Want By Sitting On It

  1. AtomicMelanie says:

    That is so awesome, going to the gym! You are doing so well! Definitely an inspiration to me 🙂


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