5 Weeks Pre-Op

As I write this its actually more like 4.5 weeks until surgery and my excitement isn’t waning.

Whilst I haven’t lost a lot more, probably only a kg or so, the number one rule that the nurse gave me was not to gain any more weight.  So we are doing alright on that front!  I haven’t been swimming but I have upped my steps and finally gotten around to replacing the battery in my Fitbit.  Cos everyone knows those steps don’t count unless they are logged on your Fitbit – am I right?

Now that my dates confirmed, I haven’t been shy in telling people.  I figure that they are going to work it out pretty quickly once my body starts changing but its really surprising the amount of people that think its okay to give me their opinion on what I should be doing – and that eating the proper foods and exercising should be all I need to do.
Yea, cheers, thanks asshole.  If that was all it took do you think I’d be putting myself and my wallet through this?

Apparently surgery is the easy way out.

As far as I’m concerned, both them and their opinions can take a long walk off a short pier.  Dick heads.

Even now, I can feel my self confidence returning, I’m wearing makeup, coloured clothing, I feel a change in the air.