Step, Step, Step, Step It Up!

Yesterday was Day 12 (so today’s Day 13) – hard to believe that it is 2 weeks since I had my gastric bypass, in fact most days I could quite easily assume that they just made some nicks on my belly and let me have a 5 hour sleep.  This time 2 weeks ago I was totally out to it and my surgery was complete.  Recovery has gone really well, I haven’t pushed myself too hard and so my body is responding nicely to this new lifestyle.

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the numbers on the scales … but I’m going to.  First I’ll tell you why though – its because I can’t SEE it yet.  When I look in the mirror I still see super round moon face and when I see my body in a reflection, it looks the same.  But the numbers on the scales don’t lie baby!!

My starting weight was 154.5 kgs and todays weight is 136.2 kgs.
Total loss – 18.3kgs

IMG_4889So whilst I can’t see it yet, boy can I feel it. I feel lighter, its easier to move.
We’ve been out for a quick paced walk the last two evenings and I don’t hate it. My knees still hurt a wee bit walking up the hills but I know that will get better and at least I am not wincing in pain every step. As a super super awesome early Birthday and Christmas present, my gorgeous guy bought me a new Fitbit – the top of the range model! I’m a bit of a tech lover and I love all the new details I get from this; heartbeat, sleep, GPS maps – eeeeeee!!!

As the weather is supposed to pack up and its predicted to piss down this afternoon, I took my swimsuit and towel down to our local swimming pool and did some lengths. A whole kilometre! I do so love swimming!
I could quite easily sit on my butt and read all afternoon, I mean there’s nothing like a comfy spot, rain on the roof and a book that takes you away to another place is there?? However, theres no time like the present to start creating great habits and I know that once I am in the water, thats the battle won.  Plus it didn’t rain. I came home and sunbathed on the deck instead.

“You have more to do than be weighed down by pretty or beautiful. You are a fiery heart and a wicked brain. Do not let your soul be defined by its shell”

Coffee – I Miss You!

My family are doing this funny thing … where they seem to be a little nervous to eat around me or apologise throughout the meal.  Honestly, its not even a thing to me!  I don’t feel hungry at all and even push myself to have my three meals.  Sure food smells nice, I just don’t want to eat it.

I learned a big lesson the other day, I pushed myself too far to eat whats on the recommended menu and I felt so uncomfortable all day.  So I’m now choosing the most liquid of meals.  Yesterday was much much better.
So I went and bought a wee Food and Exercise notebook (me and stationary, I can’t help myself!) and I’m hoping, based on past experiences, that this will help me know what and when.

I’d fully expected to be MISSING things.  Like ice-cream – or cheese.  But with not feeling hungry at all, its actually pretty bloody easy.  But I’ll tell you what I really miss, you know what I really miss right?  Yes, coffee, shit I miss you!!!  But you’ll just have to wait until I can get my fluid intake up and keep it up.  You’ll dehydrate me – and make me pee lots.  Naughty coffee.

I still love you though.

The Final Countdown

And just like that, I am into my final week pre-op.  I think I have done almost everything that I need to do – in the next couple of days I’ll order some of the bariatric meal replacements (rather than relying on Optifast), I need to pack my hospital bag and the day before I need to get a final round of blood tests.

I’m full of nervous excitement.

Last night we went to the movies and as we were walking back to the car, the movie theatre is in a large shopping complex, I walked past a store I have never ever ever been able to shop in.  I caught myself wondering “would I be able to wear that?”.
Whilst the previews were on before the movie, there was something on the screen that made me think of the Tongariro Crossing, an adventure I haven’t even been able to consider doing and I thought to myself “one day I could actually do that”.  So I added it to Blondie’s Goals.

From now on these will be my victories – and my rewards.  Not on the scale wins, but non-scale victories.
I’ve met my goal weight loss for the surgery and in four more sleeps I will be in that operating theatre ready for a whole new chapter in my life.  I can’t believe how fast it has come around.  Or that the pieces have all fallen in to place.

Let’s just have a quick look at private weight loss surgery in New Zealand;

  • Visit your GP and discuss with them whether this is the best option for you.  You need their referral.
  • Check your medical insurance. I’m with Southern Cross on the WellBeing One plan, I’ve been with them for three years so they could cover up to $7500.
  • Get an appointment with the Surgery team – individual meetings with the nurse, surgeon, dietician and psychologist.  The team will meet and discuss your case and decide together whether to schedule your surgery.
  • Costs are approximately $20,000 for the surgeon and the hospital.  This includes 12 most post op care and support.
  • Medical procedure finance is available – Nova Medical Finance is often recommended.  Their process is slow and you must have all the paper work exact else it takes ages and can get very frustrating.
  • Optifast (for the pre-op diet) is available instore at Life Pharmacy or online at Pharmacy Direct.  Alternatively, even though its been out of stock, ams has the Celebrate range which is supposed to be a hundred times nicer.  I’ll let you know when I finally get my hands on it.

Wanna know the biggest issues I have come across to date?
I can’t stop buying water bottles.  Eco friendly, fruit infusion, squeezable.  I think I have a problem.